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With love, from Bali xox

We are so excited to bring you a new collection direct from Bali, Indonesia. Our range of kaftans and kimonos inspired by peaceful island life, have been hand dyed and crafted by Balinese women and mothers in a village kissed by endless rice fields in South Bali, Indonesia. Made from top quality premium rayon.

Our range of natural clutch handbags is handwoven from palm fibre, a material used in Indonesia as far back as the 5th century BCE.                   

By purchasing these products, you are directly supporting the economics of Balinese women, and encouraging the future generations to preserve their culture and traditions. 

For centuries, Palm leaves have played a vital part in the lives of Balinese people. They are used traditionally as morning offerings, as well as decorations for religious ceremonies and weddings. Now we elevate these traditions and turn them into hand crafts, that are natural, yet fashionable at the same time. all woven by hand and processed only by traditional equipment.