INTRODUCING THE SUNDAYSTYLE FILE! March 29, 2017 – Posted in: Introduction, News, Welcome


Hello and welcome to the very first Sundaystyle File!

This is a blog that will feature weekly over at We will bring you the latest trends, and styling tips and tricks to help revolutionise your closet as well as your confidence.

Creative Director – Tegan Vincent

Are you stuck in a fashion rut? Do you peer aimlessly into your closet daily, not able to express your true self in a confident manner? Follow this blog by subscribing on our website and be inspired as to how you can purchase the right items that will go further with things you already own.

Sundaystyler sources fashion from all over the country to bring you the latest trends, classic staples, and runway styles at an affordable price. We love watching trends from overseas and bringing them to you in an easy to wear, everyday style.

Style Icon – Kate Moss

Sundaystyler is a brand celebrating everything that is great about Sundays. Our range is bohemian coastal with an edge. The style is relaxed, carefree, effortless with endless possibilities…. a bit like Sundays! Sundaystyler is about living the lifestyle you love, being your authentic self, and having confidence in the way you present yourself to the world.

“Just remember that ultimately, dressing is all about attitude, feeling comfortable, and confidence.” Kate Moss

Sundaystyler’s creative director, Tegan Vincent, lives on Sydney’s Southern beaches. Her influences are very much inline with the coastal way of living. Her signature style is a little bohemain, quite casual, but with a bit of an edge. She loves mixing floaty, feminine fabrics with contrasting denim and leather with interesting silhouettes to give an eclectic, casual, and sometimes androgynous look. Her love of fashion, art & photography has fuelled her passion and desire to create Sundaystyler. We hope you enjoy what we bring to you!

Enjoy your Sundays, relax, chill, be carefree and enjoy the endless possibilities life has to offer…. especially on Sunday.

Lot of Love,

Sundaystyler xoxo