Macrame Net – Necklace Natural

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Now you can carry your crystals with you wherever you go, not to mention the macrame cotton necklace looks great with any outfit. My sister bought me mine about a year ago and I never take it off. She bought me Citrine for prosperity, but I love to change the stone with my moods and outfits. Made from natural cotton thread, they are hand woven with a macrame net to hold your crystal. Featuring adjustable wooden beads to fit your stone and sit at the right length. Choose what type of crystal you would like, and we’ll include another one in a different colour for you, so you can change as you like. See descriptions and crystal options below. Also available in black cotton.

NEW Carnelian – Re-vitalisation: Revitalising, optimism, good for motivation. Lights sensual fire. Centering, calming & balancing. Eases trauma, increases mental and physical energy.

NEW – New Jade: Luck & Prosperity: Emotional & physical cleanser. Promotes a long & abundant life. Brings good luck & prosperity. Symbol of purity and serenity. Increases love, nurturing & harmony.

Rose Quartz – Love & Friendship: Promotes love, forgiveness and compassion. Creates harmony in relationships. Enhances self-confidence. Is calming, nurturing and brings self-love.

Citrine – Prosperity: Creates prosperity and abundance in life. Enhances mental clarity and lifts your spirits. Promotes optimism, confidence and esteem. Citrine is warming, cleansing and regenerating.

Amethyst – Intuition: Stone of spirituality and contentment. Gives stability, strength, invigoration and inner peace. Great for meditation and improving your intuition. Good for protection. Reduces stress.

Blue Howlite – Communication: Helps to connect with your dreams. Aids with communication and expression of thoughts. Promotes creativity and clarity of thought.



Hand woven, natural cotton, macrame crystal net. Comes with 2 real crystal tumbled stones. Choose 1 colour and we will send an extra one in an additional colour. Add in notes if there is a particular colour you wish to have as the 2nd one.

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Rose Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, Blue Howlite, New Jade, Carnelian