Creative Director – Tegan Vincent

Sunday is, without a doubt, the best day of the week. Right? In this fast paced, techno world we live in, there is something always so chilled about Sunday. It’s the day we can take a breath, re-charge the batteries, re-connect and prepare ourselves for the coming week.

Sundays should be spent with adventures, wandering, exploring, coffee, good food, wine, or doing absolutely nothing!

Sundaystyler is a brand celebrating everything that is great about Sundays. Our range is a gorgeous mix of bohemian and street styles. There are so many amazing fashion labels right here in Australia, that Sundaystyler has handpicked their favourite pieces from each one, providing you the best options available all in the one place.

Never underestimate the power of a great outfit, and the effect it has on your attitude. We believe that if you look good, you feel good. We are dedicated to helping women feel beautiful, confident and powerful through their clothes. We hope to open your mind up to new possibilities in your wardrobe and the way you dress.

Sundaystyler sources fashion from all over the country to bring you the latest trends, classic staples, and runway styles at an affordable price. We love watching trends from overseas and bringing them to you in an easy to wear, everyday style.

Sundaystyler’s creative director, Tegan Vincent, lives on Sydney’s Southern beaches. She is married with three beautiful children. Her love of fashion, art & photography, as well as a frustration of not finding fashion to suit her style in her local clothing stores, that seem to cater for the 16 to twenty somethings, has fuelled her passion and desire to create Sundaystyler. We love styles that combine femininity with masculinity, opting for unusual silhouettes and interesting detail. We also believe that great fashion doesn’t have to break the bank, which is why we offer Afterpay for those must-haves.  We hope you enjoy what we bring to you!

Enjoy your Sundays, relax, chill, be carefree and enjoy the endless possibilities life has to offer…. especially on Sunday.

XX Sundaystyler.

Elouera Beach


Kate Moss

“Just remember that ultimately, dressing is all about attitude, feeling comfortable, and confidence.” Kate Moss.